TV & Audio

These products aim to make life easier if you have difficulty in hearing your Television, Radio, Hi-Fi and other audio.

If you have difficulty hearing everything that is said on Television, Radio or other audio sources you may benefit from using one of our TV & Audio systems. They amplify the sounds you want to hear whilst effectively reducing potentially disturbing background sounds. Systems for use with or without a hearing aid they are designed to bring the wanted sound direct to your ears at your listening level without disturbing others.

Sarabec® audio products provide clear, sharp sound reproduction leading to relaxed, stress-free listening. If friends or family complain that your TV or Radio is too loud one of our Wireless TV/Audio Systems may prove invaluable in improving your entertainment enjoyment.

Wireless systems allow you the freedom to move around without the need to have wires between you and the item you want to listen to. There are portable systems that can be easily moved from one location to another and others that require a more permanent installation.

However, they all need to be connected to your TV, Radio or music etc. to pick up the sound using the leads provided.

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Digital Wireless TV Listening

TV listeners allow you to listen more clearly to your TV, Radio and other audio without any trailing wires and bring the sound directly to your ears. Digital systems use the 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit their sound from transmitter to receiver.

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Bluetooth Personal Listening

Bluetooth technology for short range wireless communication and listening.

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Induction Loop Systems

​Induction loop systems transmit sound directly to a hearing aid’s loop (“T”) facility built into most hearing aids.

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Loops for Businesses

We can work with you to improve communication for Hearing Impaired people throughout various non-domestic environments

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A/V Accessories

Digital Audio Convertors, Headphones, Loop cable and Loop Pads and many more accessories in this section

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