​Getting up in the morning can be a chore for anyone, but if you have difficulty hearing the alarm on your clock your sleep will be less than peaceful if you are worried about sleeping in.

 A little assistance in waking up from a vibrating pad, flashing light or extra Loud alarm sound could make that morning feeling less stressful.

Here we have clocks from different manufacturers, in different styles ranging from digital, and analogue to battery or mains powered.

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Portable Alarm Clocks & Timers

Portable battery powered travel alarm clocks and timers giving you independence, all the clocks in this section feature a useful vibration option.

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Mains Powered Analogue Alarm Clocks

Traditionally styled analogue alarm clocks carrying features such as flashing lights and vibrating alarms.

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Wall Clocks

Wall clocks with large clear displays showing useful information such as Time, Date & Day.

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TimeFlash, VC10 & TravelTim Accessories

A number of accessories for use with Humantechnik clocks

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