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Products to help you know what is happening around the home.

Products to make you aware of everyday occurrences at home or work e.g. the ringing of the telephone or doorbell, alarm clocks, the sounding of the smoke or fire alarm or a baby crying. You’ll either “feel” these occurrences via a vibrating pad or “see” that these are happening via a flashing light.

You will find a rich variety of choices in this section.

Full home alerting systems allow you to tailor a system to your needs so that one receiver device will warn you that there is someone at the door, the telephone is ringing, the baby crying or that the smoke alarm has been triggered. The ability to add more receivers to these systems increases their flexibility.

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Signolux Home Alerting

A versatile and effective alerting system with many features found on more expensive systems making it especially suitable for deaf and hard of hearing people alike. A simple, efficient and cost effective system for people wanting peace of mind.

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Lisa Paging Systems

​Our popular and long established flagship personal paging system needs no introduction to the many professionals that have installed our system over the years in a wide variety of situations from small houses to large care homes.

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Smoke/CO Alarms

Smoke Alarm systems are invaluable to hard of hearing people particularly if they remove their hearing aids at night.

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Telephone Ring Indicators

​Telephone Ring Indicators from Sarabec help to ensure you don’t miss that important phone call because you could not hear the phone ringing.

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Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors from Sarabec have bright flashing lights and adjustable volume settings, making them perfect for use by people who find it difficult to hear conventional baby alarms.

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